Our Mission

MMC Motors Ltd strives to be the leader in commercial transportation and items in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal. It ensures to provide the best of the products to serve the logistics industry through customer engagement and enhanced customer service.

Our motto is "Success Through Customer Satisfaction".

Why Choose Us

MMC Motors is formed by a team of experts in diversified field. The passion for forming this company is to cater to the transport industry of Bangladesh. With rising trends in economic activity, there is growing demand for movement of goods from places of manufacturing to places dissemination. As our port cities are in Khulna and Chittagong, and since there is a good road network, companies need vehicles for movement within the country.

Associated with the needs for bulk movement of goods and passengers is the linkage of Bangladesh roads with the Asian Highway. Soon there would be vehicular movements in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Afghanistan. Hence, transportation will be an integral component for communication and trade. Hence, with these views, MMC Motors have entered the domain of transportation industry to distribute vehicles across Bangladesh.

Our Strategy

MMC Motors amalgamates its objectives through specific strategies which can be categorized as branding, customer engagement, and high quality products. In terms of branding, it ensures that the products that it deals with creates the image in the minds of the customer that they are of high quality and standards. In terms of customer engagement, we have built our objectives based on theh notion that the customer needs and aspirations are a success for our profitability and survivability. And, finally, we provide rigorous vetting in choosing our principals for the manufacturing of the products which we market in the territory of our business.