• The best of Engines in Road performance

    Most of our trucks use Isuzu and Wenchai Engines, which have high horse power and can withstand any climatic conditions. The trucks have been tested in Africa and customers respond that their performances are outstanding.

  • Best After Sales Service

    All our products are subject to one year after sales guarantee or any specific warranty as indicated during the time of sales. Customers can have the products repaired or modified in any of our dedicated work shops located around Bangladesh.

  • The best of Brands

    Our Brands— Dayun and Degong are the best in the Chinese market with strong customer base in America, Africa, and Middle East. They top the list in terms of quality in domestic markets in mainland China too.

  • Dedication to Quality

    As distributors in Bangladesh, we focus on providing the best of services to our customers. Hence, please drop by and see our products— how we doing in terms of giving you the product of your choice.