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    1. Measure concentration of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO contained in exhaust gases from gasoline engine of Vehicles. Advanced NDIR (non-Dispersive Infrared) analysis technology is used to measure HC, CO, CO2 and the newest generation of electrochemical technology is adopted to measure O2 and NO
    2. Designed with LCD screen for easier setting and operation.
    3. Automatic calculation and display of A or F (air-fuel-ratio) and Lambda air ratio .
    4. Emissions from vehicle engine fuels of CNG, LPG and Ethanol gasoline can be measured.
    5. Small Size, light weight and most convenient for carry.
    6. Designed with inductive clip-on pickup sensor for RPM measurement.
    7. Designed with oil temperature measurement probe.
    8. Designed with RS-232C digital serial interface.
    9. 200 groups of measurement data storage and review.
    10. In compliance with accuracy requirement of ISO 3930 or OIML R99 Class I.

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