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  1. The steering box is using foreign advanced technology, Its accuracy is high, and it is reliable.
  2. The reducer runs smoothly and stable, with high testing accuracy.
  3. The third roller controls stopping operation, which will avoid tire to wear out.
  4. European mode, diameter of roller is 300mm/245mm.
  5. Advanced adhering sand process, dry and wet states of adhesion coefficient exceeds 0.82.
  6. High quality and high accuracy sensor.
  7. Testing accuracy is high, good repeat performance. The difference for baking force value is less than 1.5%
  8. High quality steel plate, without foundation bolt installation.
Max. Axle load capacity10000kg
Test Ranges for braking force2*(0-30) KN
Wheel Tread (Inner/Outer mm)700/2700mm
Testing speed2.5km/h
Diameter and length of roller245mm*1000mm
Motor power2*11kw
Outside size (L*W*H)4310*1000*500mm

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